Lewis Hamilton admits to ‘biding my time’ amid contract dispute

Despite the challenges faced by Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton is ready to take the fight to his rivals when handed a competitive car.

Lewis Hamilton has revealed his approach to his current winless streak and the desire for a winning car from Mercedes. 

As he awaits the opportunity to contend for victories once again, Hamilton remains patient and focused on continuous improvement.

Hamilton’s drought without a victory dates back to the 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, a race that preceded the controversial conclusion of that year’s championship, which was clinched by Max Verstappen. 

In 2022, Verstappen secured his second world title, and his remarkable dominance has extended into 2023, with him triumphing in 10 out of the 12 races this year, positioning himself for a potential third world championship.

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Contrastingly, Hamilton’s recent outings have been marked by an inability to challenge his arch-rival due to a year and a half of struggles with Mercedes’ competitiveness. 

Despite this challenging period, Hamilton remains driven and motivated by his unwavering pursuit of improvement.

When queried about the source of his motivation, Hamilton shared, “I don’t think it’s particularly difficult, because there are always areas you can improve.” 

His dedication to perfection is evident through the continuous enhancement of working processes and the optimisation of communication within the team. 

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Hamilton elaborated, “We’re fine-tuning how we work in the background, we’re constantly trying to improve our processes. 

“We’re continuously making adjustments.”

Delving deeper into the technical aspects of racing, Hamilton highlighted his increased involvement in shaping the car’s direction. 

He explained, “It’s improving communication in the background, making sure the head of department are getting the real information through. 

“And deep-diving onto certain subjects, whether it’s bouncing, whether it’s car characteristics, through-corner balance, all these sorts of things.” 

The additional time has allowed him to contribute more effectively to the team’s strategic decisions for the upcoming season.

Hamilton’s ongoing commitment is driven by a holistic perspective that encompasses his diverse interests beyond racing. 

He mentioned, “I’ve had more time to be able to focus on that with the team than ever before. 

“And generally be even more hands-on with the direction that we’re going with the car next year. 

“And just making sure that, when I step away, just making sure that I’m mentally in the right place for when the car is right.” 

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With the patience of a seasoned champion, Hamilton summarised his current outlook with a sense of calm anticipation: “So holding on to that. 

“Fortunately, I’ve got these other things that keep me motivated as well, which tap into the whole ecosystem, like the movie for example. 

“So yeah, I’m just biding my time.”