Lewis Hamilton addresses fiery tensions at Mercedes

Star driver Lewis Hamilton criticised Mercedes for not listening to him ahead of the 2023 season.

Lewis Hamilton has insisted that any tension between himself and Mercedes is natural, with some difficult conversations having taken place this season.

Mercedes came under fire from both Hamilton and George Russell last weekend at the Dutch Grand Prix, after the Silver Arrows threw away a potential podium by failing to pit either driver quickly enough when rain fell on the first lap.

It cost the duo valuable time and several places, with the pair falling almost to the back of the field.

Hamilton did well to recover to sixth, whilst Russell finished 17th following a late puncture.

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The seven-time World Champion has been largely frustrated with the Silver Arrows this season, making some ponder whether he’d delaying a new deal with the side.

Hamilton openly admitted earlier in the season that the team didn’t listen to his feedback over the winter break, something he thinks led to Mercedes’ shocking start to 2023.

The 38-year-old reportedly told Mercedes to switch from their zero sidepod philosophy well before the Germans finally decided to do so, at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Perhaps if Hamilton’s advice had been listened to, Mercedes might’ve been a more competitive side from the get-go in Bahrain.

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Tension was clearly present, but the 103-time race winner insists that it’s natural in such an “intense sport”.

“I think in the heated and intense sport that we’re living in, of course there’s frustrations on both sides all of the time and what’s important is you just continue to be open and communicate about those,” Hamilton told Hungarian broadcaster M4 Sport.

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“I think you’re constantly growing through those conversations. I think the most important thing is to be aligned on where you’re going.

“There’s no doubt that everyone in this team wants to win.

“We’ve been caught off guard about the cost cap and just the direction of the new regulations, and you just can’t copy and paste and do something different.

“It has to evolve and manoeuvre into a different direction. It just takes time. Has it been quick enough?

“Maybe not but the good thing is we’ve now sat down, we’ve now said okay we’re more open minded, this is maybe the direction we need to go so let’s explore it and let’s get on top of it for next year.”