‘Lethal consequences’: Toto Wolff claims Max Verstappen fan tried to injure Lewis Hamilton

Qualifying was disrupted after fans decided to throw flares onto the Zandvoort Circuit on Saturday.

Mercedes team principal, Toto Wolff, hopes that the event organisers at the Dutch Grand Prix enforce a stricter policy on flares after incidents during qualifying at the Dutch Grand Prix.

As the second qualifying session got underway, a red flag was immediately deployed, and it was soon revealed that this was because a fan had thrown a flare onto the racetrack.

Thankfully, Williams’ Alex Albon was the only driver out on track at the time, and the red flag gad already been shown before the Thai-Briton had reached the flare, so he was able to safely negotiate his way around it.

Later, in the third and final qualifying session, another flare was thrown onto the track, but it rolled underneath the barrier on the exit of the pit lane, so no action was needed.

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The behaviour led to altercations between fans, and the reckless actions of those throwing the flares could easily have endangered the lives of drivers, marshals, and other spectators in attendance.

Fans entering the racetrack this weekend were politely reminded not to bring flares into the premises and, even in the grandstands, those who are asthmatic can be endangered by them.

Wolff was extremely displeased with the actions of the few moronic fans, detailing the life threat that flares can pose on a racetrack.

“It’s a shame there are a few total idiots out there who don’t consider what a flare can do to a driver,” he said.

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“If such a can hits you, it can have lethal consequences, the halo wouldn’t help you in that.”

The Austrian also wondered if the second flare might have been thrown at Sir Lewis Hamilton, amid the petulant and toxic relationship between his fans and those of Max Verstappen.

“We looked at the camera angles and Lewis was going through the pit lane,” added Wolff.

“I don’t know if somebody threw it at him, but it happened before he actually was at that point, I hope the organisers have a grip on it.”

George Russell has no problem with fans enjoying themselves at races, but he asked them to be more sensible with their festivities.

“If you run over it, and it is sharp, it can give you a puncture, it is one of those things where it could be harmless or cause a lot of damage,” explained the 24-year-old.

“It is quite a spectacle to see it in the stands, but I can’t imagine if you are standing there it is that pleasant.

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“It would be a shame to see them stopped for good because it has become part of the show, but I would like to see people show common sense rather than throwing flares on to the track.”

Hamilton qualified fourth in Zandvoort, with Russell behind in sixth after both Mercedes drivers were denied a final run due to a spin for Sergio Perez, who is sandwiched between the Britons for the start of the race on Sunday.

Verstappen took pole ahead of the Ferrari pair of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz.