Lawrence Stroll: I Don’t Pay Attention To ‘Jealous’ People’s Comments About Lance

Lance Stroll’s racing career has been bankrolled by his father, and the team he currently races with is owned by his dad.

Lawrence Stroll defends Lance -

Owner of the Aston Martin F1 Team, Lawrence Stroll, has shrugged off criticism from “jealous people” of his son, 22-year-old Lance.

The young Canadian has frequently been targeted by some fans and pundits for being backed by his billionaire father, who purchased Racing Point in 2018 to give his son a more competitive seat on the F1 grid.

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The Silverstone-based team has been rebranded Aston Martin ahead of the 2021 season, and Lawrence Stroll has made it clear that he believes his son deserves his place in Formula One.

“There are a lot of jealous people in the world and jealous people, who wish they were there in Lance’s position, do and say silly things,” the Canadian billonaire said this week.

“I don’t pay much attention to it, and neither does Lance.

“Do I think Lance is talented? I think he is immensely talented. I have no doubt he has demonstrated that he has World Championship blood in him,” he added.

Continuing, the Aston Martin F1 Team owner singled out Lance Stroll’s exceptional performance in qualifying on pole position for the 2020 Turkish Grand Prix as proof of his talent.

“Everything is equal when you get to the ring, and he showed that by putting it on pole in the rain in Turkey last year when the playing field was level. There are not many people who can do that,” he said.

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The young Canadian will be partnered with Sebastian Vettel at Aston Martin this upcoming season, and Lawrence has no doubt that signing the four-time World Champion was the right move.

“This team has done many things, but one thing it hasn’t done is be a World Champion, and what Seb brings is that mindset, the methodology, the work ethic, and the planning around being a World Champion and that is invaluable,” Stroll said.

“He is unbelievably motivated to be a part of Aston Martin returning to Formula One.

“You don’t become a four-time World Champion and then forget how to drive.

“There were factors on his mind last year but I don’t have one hesitation that he will be as quick as ever,” he added, echoing his previous comments on the topic.

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