Lando Norris turns down fan’s weird request

McLaren’s Lando Norris has shared his odd interactions at Silverstone, as the British driver prepares for an exciting home race.

Lando Norris found himself faced with an unusual request from a devoted fan at his home British Grand Prix, as he was asked to sign their child.

However, signing a baby’s forehead proved to be a step too far for the talented racer. 

Despite the unconventional demands from his legion of supporters, Norris maintains a strong connection with his fans and enjoys engaging with them in unique ways.

Staying at the circuit hotel during the Grand Prix, Norris chooses to take a longer route to meet his supporters rather than using the direct walkway to the paddock. 

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This decision exposes him to unexpected encounters with fans who approach him with various requests. 

Sharing his experience, Norris expressed amusement and slight apprehension about fans asking him to decide their tattoos: “I just get more and more people wanting me to decide their tattoos and stuff. 

“I feel like it’s a lot of pressure, deciding what someone is permanently going to have. I feel that’s a bit weird.”

Norris, known for his vibrant personality, adorns his wrist with several bracelets gifted by fans. 

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One bracelet playfully reads “muppet,” which he used to call his former teammate Carlos Sainz. Norris explained, “I used to call Carlos a muppet. The fans still say it now … I think I called him a muppet in a video and the fans loved it. 

“I get loads of bracelets from fans. 

“During the weekend I’ll get more, and I’ll swap them out eventually. 

“It’s just one thing I like to do.”

However, there are boundaries to what Norris is willing to do for his fans. 

When confronted with the peculiar request to autograph a baby’s forehead, he drew the line. 

Firmly rejecting the idea, he commented, “I didn’t do it. Signing a baby. That’s a bit of a weird one.”

The British Grand Prix organisers are anticipating a record-breaking crowd of fans on Sunday, with a total attendance estimated to reach 450,000 over the course of the event. 

The popularity of Formula 1 has soared thanks to the widely acclaimed Netflix docu-series “Drive to Survive.” 

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Notably, Hollywood actor Brad Pitt has also chosen this weekend to film his F1 movie at the circuit, adding to the buzz surrounding the prestigious race.

Norris has the potential to emerge as the leading British driver on Sunday after he qualified closely behind Max Verstappen’s Red Bull.

Lining up in P2 on Sunday, Norris will have his teammate’s support, as Oscar Piastri sits in P3, marking a fantastic qualifying for McLaren.