Lando Norris tells Ted Kravitz to ‘try driving’ after ‘not optimal’ remark

Lando Norris finished ninth at the Mexican Grand Prix, behind McLaren team-mate Daniel Ricciardo.

Lando Norris and Sky Sports reporter Ted Kravitz enjoyed some friendly banter in the media pen after the Mexican Grand Prix, after the McLaren driver insisted that Kravitz “should try driving” an F1 car.

The joke came as a result of Kravitz asking Norris what happened at the start of the race at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, after the Brit dropped from eighth to tenth.

Norris perhaps became a bit defensive; however, it was all done in a light-hearted nature.

The same can’t currently be said for Kravitz and Red Bull, with the Austrians having boycotted speaking to Sky in Mexico following the reporter calling Lewis Hamilton an eight-time World Champion and suggesting that former race director Michael Masi ‘robbed’ the Mercedes driver.

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Thankfully, there is no such boycott between Kravitz and Norris, who have also appeared to have a friendly relationship.

The duo’s conversation after the race went as followed, with Norris going on to explain that “nothing too bad happened”.

Kravitz: “What happened at the start? You dropped down to P10.”
Norris: “It’s only two positions, it’s a long run down to Turn 1.”
Kravitz, laughing: “It’s not optimal!”
Norris: “You should try driving, mate.”

“No, I just lost one off the line and one around the corner, it’s as simple as that,” the McLaren driver added.

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“Nothing too bad happened. Other than that, we did a good job.”

In a rare occurrence, Norris’ team-mate Daniel Ricciardo actually finished above him, with it usually being the other way around the vast majority of the time.

The Brit would’ve likely finished tenth had Fernando Alonso not retired with yet another power unit failure, highlighting that the Quadrant founder had some luck in his corner in Mexico City.

Norris praised his team-mate, who finished seventh, after the race, but also admitted that the team were too quick in attempting to cover Yuki Tsunoda.

Tsunoda, funnily enough, retired from the race on Lap 51, after being hit by Ricciardo.

“Maybe we covered Yuki [Tsunoda] a bit too early on the hard tyres and it wasn’t the correct thing to do,” added Norris.

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“But apart from that, the strategy was reasonable.

“Daniel did a good job. He was in a lucky position that he could just stay out and do whatever he wanted kind of thing, which in other races I’ve been able to do, like at Monza and so on.

“Today just benefited him but obviously it worked out well. We had the plan from the beginning if someone was in that position and Daniel was that guy, so he made up for it and made the most of it.”