Lando Norris sent invoice over Max Verstappen incident

McLaren racer Lando Norris has been sent an invoice following an incident with Max Verstappen.

Max Verstappen, the victor of the 2023 Hungarian Grand Prix, has been awarded a new winner’s trophy after the original memento suffered a mishap on the podium last month.

The incident occurred during the customary post-race celebrations at the Hungaroring, when Lando Norris, revelling in his second-place finish, playfully tapped the trophy with a champagne-filled flourish. 

Unfortunately, the McLaren driver’s exuberant gesture caused the delicate $45,000 porcelain cup to topple, resulting in damage to both its base and top.

Both drivers found humour in the unexpected turn of events during the post-race driver’s press conference. 

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Norris playfully attributed the mishap to Verstappen, quipping that the trophy had been placed “too close to the edge” by the Red Bull driver.

The Hungarian trophy manufacturer, Herendi, promptly responded to the incident, expressing its commitment to crafting a replacement for Verstappen. 

The company’s representative, in a statement, affirmed their readiness to undertake the “joyful and heavy burden” of recreating the unique piece.

Herendi has now fulfilled its promise, delivering a brand-new trophy to Max Verstappen. The replacement piece is set to find its home in Red Bull’s trophy cabinet at their headquarters in Milton Keynes, well beyond the potential reach of any champagne-induced accidents.

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Verstappen took to Instagram to share the moment of receiving the new trophy with his fans. 

He posted several images capturing the handover, with Lando Norris also present for the occasion.

In a light-hearted tone, Verstappen noted, “It’s in one piece,” and playfully added in a short video that “Lando is not allowed to touch it!”

The good-natured camaraderie between the two drivers remains evident, even in the aftermath of the trophy’s unfortunate fate.

In a final touch of jest, Lando Norris was playfully issued a humorous “invoice” to cover the cost of his champagne-fueled antics.

The jovial exchange further highlighted the friendly banter that characterises the interactions between drivers in the Formula 1 community.

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Verstappen’s new trophy will join an impressive collection from the 2023 season, given the Dutchman has won every Grand Prix bar two.

In the last four months, Verstappen hasn’t lost a single sprint or Grand Prix race despite surging rivals who’ve managed to bring impressive upgrades.

Red Bull now sits well clear in the Constructors’ Standings with an impressive haul of 540 points, almost double their closest rivals Mercedes.