Lando Norris reveals unusual side business

McLaren racer Lando Norris was recently criticised for coming from a wealthy family.

Lando Norris has admitted to having started a small side business in the early stages of his motorsport career, when he was competing in Ginetta cars and go-karting.

Norris and McLaren team-mate Oscar Piastri recently took part in a game of ‘Fact or Phish’, where the British driver revealed his business venture.

The game consists of the drivers taking it in turns to read a statement, to which the other must determine whether the statement is ‘Fact or Phish’.

Norris’ small business venture was revealed after reading a statement.

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”I made visor stickers for other drivers and sold them when I was in karting and Ginetta,” Norris said on Darktrace’s YouTube channel.

Piastri was certain that it was a ‘Fact’, and said: “I mean I know you like graphics and stuff like that so I’m going to say ‘fact’”

Norris confirmed it was a “Fact.”

Piastri then joked that Norris was a “Business hustler eh?”

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“Yeah, I was a little hustler.” Norris joked. “I made some good money.”

It appears that Norris has a real talent as a graphic designer, with him having created visor stickers and other custom stickers for team personnel and his friends, using his printing machine.

Perhaps one day Norris will print his own ‘World Champion’ t-shirts, although that’s likely a little while away just yet.

Despite this, Norris has shown excellent form over recent races, since McLaren introduced a sizeable upgrades package at the Austrian Grand Prix.

The start of 2023 had been woeful for Norris up until F1’s trip to the Red Bull Ring, where from then on McLaren have been in the top three in the pecking order.

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Norris has featured fourth, second, second and fifth in the last four races, with the two podiums coming at Silverstone and at the Hungaroring.

Norris has certainly got the pace to challenge for consistent podiums if the MCL60 continues to perform well, with a rostrum next weekend at the Dutch Grand Prix being a real possibility.

Based on the car’s current performance, Norris can challenge everybody other than Max Verstappen, who is in a complete league of his own.