Lando Norris reveals hilarious Las Vegas story

Lando Norris celebrated his 24th birthday ahead of this weekend's Las Vegas GP.

It’s safe to say Lando Norris has fully embraced the Sin City culture ahead of this weekend’s Las Vegas Grand Prix, after he won a simulator event in a shopping mall.

This weekend’s first Formula 1 race in Vegas since 1982 has been labelled by some as the biggest race in history, with the sport themselves promoting it.

F1 has gone all out to ensure that it’s an event like no other, to the extent that a brand new paddock has been built.

It’s predicted that the Grand Prix could generate as much as $1.7 billion in revenue for Las Vegas, an eye-watering amount.

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Several teams have unveiled a special livery just for Vegas, in what is going to be a remarkable spectacle.

Sin City is renowned for its gambling and casinos, with Norris having already won $200 since arriving in the iconic location.

The McLaren driver found a simulator in a shopping mall in Downtown Vegas, where you pay a staggering $65 to race against others.

If you win the race in the sim, you receive $200.

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Comically, Norris climbed into the simulator and competed under his brother’s name and, to no surprise, was victorious by almost a minute.

“There’s a simulator in the mall – it’s a rip-off, you pay $65 and if you win you get $200,” Norris said during a press event, as reported by The Express.

“So my brother’s nearly $140 richer because I did it under his name! I was 45 seconds quicker than P2, so it was close.”

Norris won the money on Monday night, before he was spotted behind the DJ decks in a nightclub.

The 24-year-old even took part in the inaugural Netflix Cup on Tuesday evening, as several F1 drivers and stars of the golfing world came together to compete in a competition.

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Carlos Sainz was ultimately part of the winning team, whilst Norris and his partner Rickie Fowler had to settle for defeat.

After competing in the competition, Norris was seen celebrating his 24th birthday.

It’s safe to say, that the British driver’s week has already been a busy one, and the driving hasn’t even gotten underway yet.