Lando Norris comments on McLaren poaching from Red Bull

Lando Norris has expressed excitement over the signing of former Red Bull chief designer Rob Marshall as part of McLaren's technical department reshuffle.

McLaren recently announced the addition of Rob Marshall, former chief designer at Red Bull, to its team as the technical director of engineering and design, starting from next year. 

Marshall’s signing is part of McLaren’s comprehensive recruitment drive aimed at capitalising on the upcoming wind tunnel and simulator facilities.

Following a challenging start to the 2023 season, with the MCL60 underperforming, McLaren is determined to achieve short-term gains while recognizing the immense opportunities that lie ahead in the long run.

For McLaren driver Lando Norris, the arrival of Rob Marshall signifies a promising future for the team. 

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Norris expressed his excitement about Marshall’s appointment and the expertise he brings to the squad. 

Speaking about Marshall’s contributions, Norris highlighted his extensive knowledge, years of experience at Red Bull, and involvement with some of the best minds in Formula 1.

Norris believes Marshall’s presence will bring a combination of intelligence and improved lap times to the team. 

He considers Marshall a significant signing, someone whom many within McLaren will look up to and respect. 

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Norris sees Marshall’s addition as an important step for McLaren, driving the team’s pursuit of continuous performance enhancement and expertise.

“Just knowledge, expertise. He’s been at Red Bull for many, many years, he’s seen a lot of success with the team,” Norris said.

“He’s been with some of the best minds within Formula 1 and he’s definitely part of that group.

“So, brains and lap time I guess are the two big things. He’s a big person, a big signing for us as a team, so I think someone that a lot of people within McLaren will look up to, and respect and so on.

“It is also a good step for us as a team to keep this drive forward, continuing to add performance and expertise too.”

In addition to acquiring Marshall, McLaren has undergone a significant restructuring of its technical department after former technical director James Key departed for Sauber. 

The team’s new approach involves three key figures: Marshall on design, Peter Prodromou overseeing aerodynamics, and David Sanchez leading the car concept division. 

McLaren believes this revised setup will bolster its efforts to deliver a better-performing car.

Amid McLaren’s current struggles on the track, Norris’s own future with the team has sparked speculation. 

However, he expressed his unwavering faith in CEO Zak Brown’s commitment to improving the team’s fortunes. 

Norris praised the recent changes made by the leadership, citing positive developments in terms of team morale, atmosphere, and future prospects.

Norris acknowledged that progress in Formula 1 takes time and that not all improvements are immediately apparent. 

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“I would say a lot. Even more now than in the past.”

“I guess I would never want to say that I have no belief, and I never have said it and probably won’t, but definitely since the last few changes, there have been a lot of good things coming from that, both in terms of mood, atmosphere, but at the same time, also performance and things to look forward to in the future.

“Not everything is purely direct in Formula 1, a lot of things take time, so I guess you have that part of it too, but definitely things have taken a step forward. So, I can easily confirm that and say it with confidence.”