Lando Norris accused of lying

Lando Norris is looking to come away from the 2023 Austrian GP with a big points haul.

It has been a truly abysmal start to the 2023 season for McLaren. 

Lando Norris and debutant Oscar Piastri have been given little to run with and points have been hard to come by. 

McLaren find themselves sixth in the constructors’ championship on 17 points, and rivals Alpine sit comfortably in fifth with 44 points. 

However, upgrades for the Austrian Grand Prix that will feature a fully revised floor and sidepod will be added to the car of Lando Norris in an effort to kickstart the season.  

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It has been reported such additions will be added to Piastri’s car in time for Silverstone the following week.

Team principal Andrea Stella has spoken on the upgrades claiming that once they are fully in place, the MCL60 will be a ‘B-spec’ car with changes thought to be spread over the coming weeks. 

Lando Norris defends journalist 

Norris has come to the aid of Mariana Becker who works for Brazilian TV when the latter was giving an interview. 

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Becker asked Norris about the pending McLaren upgrades, querying how he would be able to prioritise working on the car’s upgrades and whether or not they can be found to be a “game-changer” with little time. 

Norris praised the question stating: “Good question… you ask the best questions here, well done.”

Almost immediately another journalist splurted out: “You are such a liar.”

The interruption was met with disbelief and Norris responded by claiming: “I’m not. Who are you?

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“No, I’m telling the truth.”

For Norris, he will be hoping the get the most out the MCL60 for the remainder of the season.

Norris currently sit 11th in the driver’s standings with 12 points.