Lance Stroll to be fired by his dad

Lance Stroll has failed to make an impression during his several years in the Formula 1 midfield.

Lance Stroll has had a poor season thus far, with him being dominated by new Aston Martin team-mate Fernando Alonso.

The Spaniard was signed by the British outfit for 2023 as the replacement for the retiring Sebastian Vettel.

Stroll, aged 24, has been associated with the Aston Martin team, previously known as Racing Point, since 2019. 

The team’s acquisition by a consortium led by Stroll’s father, Lawrence Stroll, marked a pivotal moment in its history. 

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Over the course of five seasons with the team, Stroll has amassed a total of 195 points. 

However, this season alone, Alonso, at 42 years old, has outshone Stroll by earning 168 points from just 15 races.

Alonso’s remarkable contributions have played a crucial role in elevating his team’s position on the grid. 

This season, he achieved an impressive seven podium finishes, including a noteworthy second place at the recent Dutch Grand Prix. 

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In stark contrast, Stroll struggled to make an impact during the same race at Zandvoort, finishing just outside the points in 11th place.

Former Formula 1 driver Ralf Schumacher has raised concerns about the future of Lance Stroll in the sport, highlighting a glaring gap in performance between Stroll and his teammate Fernando Alonso. 

In a candid assessment, Schumacher expressed doubts about Stroll’s long-term prospects in Formula 1, citing the impressive performance discrepancy between the two drivers.

Schumacher, now an F1 pundit, underscored the substantial age difference between the two drivers while assessing Stroll’s performance. 

He characterised it as a “slap in the face” to witness a driver in his mid-20s lagging significantly behind a veteran like Alonso. 

While acknowledging Stroll’s occasional standout performances, Schumacher was forthright in his evaluation that Stroll’s performance paled in comparison to Alonso’s.

During an interview with Sky Germany at Zandvoort, Schumacher candidly stated, “It has been difficult with Stroll this year. 

“There were some highlights, but compared to Alonso, there is a massive difference in performance.” 

He further remarked, “Silly Season has begun, and we’ll have to see if Stroll still has a long future in Formula 1.”

Emphasising the nuance of his critique, Schumacher added, “It’s a slap in the face; I believe the situation should look different if your teammate is 42.” 

He commended Stroll’s talent but maintained that Stroll’s performance fell short in comparison to his more experienced counterpart. 

“There is no question that Lance should be in Formula 1 – he’s got more talent than some drivers on the grid. 

“However, he is weak compared to his teammate.”

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Schumacher also acknowledged Lawrence Stroll’s pragmatic perspective, given his extensive tenure in the sport. 

“I’m sure his father is realistic enough. 

“He’s been in Formula 1 for 7 years now if not more, and he has had great races. During the beginning of the season after his injury, which was a great highlight,” Schumacher noted.