Lance Stroll in trouble with FIA Compliance Officer

Aston martin’s Lance Stroll has been summoned to face the FIA Compliance Officer over his outbursts in Qatar.

In the wake of the Qatar Grand Prix, Lance Stroll, the Aston Martin Formula 1 driver, finds himself under the watchful eye of the FIA Compliance Officer as he grapples with “several incidents” that may have breached FIA regulations. 

The FIA’s official statement reads, “The FIA Compliance Officer is in discussion with Lance Stroll in relation to several incidents that may have contravened FIA rules, policies, and procedures during the Qatar Grand Prix.”

The statement refrains from specifying the nature of these incidents, but insiders suggest they revolve around a heated altercation Stroll had with his performance coach, Henry Howe, during the qualifying session and the subsequent uncomfortable interview that ensued as Stroll faced the media. 

The tension within the Aston Martin camp became palpable as Stroll uttered only a few words, demonstrating his visible frustration with his recent performance struggles.

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Stroll’s woes continued as he faced an early exit from the Friday night qualifying session, marking his fifth failure to progress beyond Q1 this season and the fourth consecutive one. 

In stark contrast, his teammate, Fernando Alonso, boasts a 100% Q3 record over the first 17 rounds of the year.

During the Qatar qualifying session, television cameras captured the shocking moment when Stroll shoved Howe in frustration while attempting to guide the driver to the pit lane for weighing—a mandatory protocol that necessitates drivers to traverse the pit lane rather than the paddock. 

Stroll’s aggressive actions received widespread condemnation, prompting him to address his relationship with Howe at a later juncture in the weekend. 

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He stated, “We’re good. He’s a bro. 

“We go through the frustrations together, and we ride together, so we’re cool. 

“I’m not looking at social media. 

“I’m in the car driving this weekend.”

However, Stroll’s performance failed to see any significant improvement. He could not secure a place in Q2 during the sprint shootout and finished as the last of all contestants during the sprint race itself. 

While he managed to work his way through the field during the grand prix, a penalty resulted in a disappointing 11th-place finish, leaving him empty-handed for the weekend.

The race took a toll on Stroll, as he reported experiencing moments of dizziness and blurry vision towards the race’s conclusion. 

After the race, he was seen stumbling towards a medical vehicle, evidently struggling to exit his car.

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Aston Martin now holds a marginal 11-point lead over McLaren in the fight for fourth place in the constructors’ championship. 

The team commenced the season with what many considered the second-strongest car, but Stroll’s poor form has left Fernando Alonso largely to fend for the team against their competitors.

Pressure has been mounting on Stroll for some time, with numerous voices in the paddock questioning whether he deserves his seat in Formula 1.