‘Maybe they should find a new family’: Raikkonen fires back over retirement concerns

Kimi Raikkonen has no fears that the "ceiling will fall" on him when he goes into a quieter life after his retirement from Formula 1.

Kimi Raikkonen and his wife Minttu Raikkonen at the 2021 Abu Dhabi GP.v1

Kimi Raikkonen has affirmed that he does not need a new challenge after Formula 1, insisting that he is glad to be embarking on a new, quieter chapter of his life.

The 42-year-old departed F1 at the end of the 2021 season after 19 seasons over two spells in the sport.

Raikkonen has admitted that some people have already warned him that he could quickly grow bored of not being an F1 racer, especially if he doesn’t take on a new challenge to keep himself occupied.

However, the Finn has no such concerns and is looking forward to being away from the F1 circus.

“I don’t see why. No, I’m looking forward to it,” Raikkonen replied when asked if he thinks he might struggle to adapt to being away from Formula 1.

“Many people have already predicted to me ‘if you are at home for half a year, the ceiling will fall on your head’. If that’s what happened to them or they feel so bad, maybe they should find a new home or another family,” he added.

Kimi Raikkonen in his final F1 race before retirement.v1

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Raikkonen was always regarded as one of the most unique characters in the history of F1, persistently engaging in an abrasive relationship with the media.

He assures that he is more than content with a peaceful life away from the chaos of an F1 paddock.

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“I love being at home and I’m looking forward to spending time with my family much more often now and doing normal things. My free time is more important to me than anything else.”

Asked if he needed something to occupy his mind, the Iceman remained firm in his enjoyment of simplicity.

“No, I don’t need a challenge. I can be home for a week without stepping outside the door once and I’m still a happy person. I really have zero plans. Just the feeling I no longer have to do this or that gives me a sense of anticipation.”

Raikkonen is also adamant that spending quality time with his family is the only pastime he needs, and that his attention is not captured by anything else.

“First of all, the family is in the foreground, then we will see what happens. There is no reason to think today about what might interest me in the future.”

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The former Sauber, McLaren, Ferrari, Lotus and Alfa Romeo driver allayed fears that he will bore quickly, insisting that he does not actively look for new ventures.

“What’s wrong with just being average? I’m not the type of person who is always looking for a challenge in normal life, or who necessarily wants to be the best in every discipline. No more. Maybe it was like that when I was younger, it was all a game or a race. That’s not my thing anymore,” he added.

Raikkonen won 21 grand prix, claiming his sole world title with Ferrari in 2007. He holds the record for the most race starts on 349.

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