Kelly Piquet opens up on plan to have kids with Max Verstappen despite being mother of ex-driver’s child

Max Verstappen intends to father any potential children of his differently to how Jos Verstappen raised him.

In recent interviews, double World Champion Max Verstappen and girlfriend Kelly Piquet have revealed that they “definitely want kids” together, with Piquet already having a daughter with former Red Bull driver Daniil Kvyat.

With Verstappen being 25 years old and Piquet being 34 years of age, the duo have seemingly reached a point where they would like to have their own family, with the daughter of former F1 World Champion Nelson Piquet revealing that she “personally” wants more kids.

“Personally, I would like to have more children,” Piquet told Vogue during an interview.

“My main goal is to realize a charity project for children. When I was studying in New York I volunteered in Tanzania for the first summer.

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“I was in Bagamoyo, a village four hours from Dar es Salaam, teaching English to children aged three and four. It was tough, but one of the happiest times of my life.”

Verstappen, too, has revealed to the world that he is wanting to become a father.

Interestingly, the Red Bull star is “fine” with any future children of his becoming racing drivers. But that he will approach the topic “differently” to how his father ex-F1 driver Jos Verstappen, dealt with it.

Verstappen explained that should his future children want to race, then he will “no longer drive in Formula 1”, after wanting to support his children’s journey the entire way in person.

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“I definitely want kids and if they want to race, that’s fine,” Verstappen told Limburger.

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“I do think I would do it differently than how my father and I did it. I don’t see that at the moment. But it’s easy for me to talk because I don’t have kids. Maybe I’ll think very differently when the time comes. But, the passion he had went very far.

“He did everything for me. Tuning engines, preparing karts. I don’t see myself doing that. In any case, I’m not going to push my kids to race. They have to want it themselves.

“And if you do go all out with your son or daughter, then you can no longer drive in Formula 1 yourself, I think. You have to start laying the foundation from the age of four. I want to be there myself.”