Johnny Herbert breaks silence on Sky Sports sacking him

Ex-F1 driver Johnny Herbert worked as a pundit for Sky Sports F1 from 2012-2022.

Ex-Formula 1 driver Johnny Herbert has recently addressed his shock exit from his punditry role on Sky Sports F1, which was announced ahead of the 2023 season.

The former British driver had been a regular figure on Sky Sports’ F1 coverage ever since they gained the broadcasting rights to the sport in the United Kingdom, something they have held since 2012.

However, it was announced ahead of this year’s campaign that himself and fellow ex-F1 driver Paul di Resta would be dropped.

Whilst most weren’t overly surprised at the latter being announced, many were surprised to see Herbert removed from Sky’s punditry line-up.

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Herbert was seemingly surprised to have been dropped as well, given that he “thought everything was going ahead” for 2023.

The former Benetton driver revealed how he didn’t choose to leave Sky Sports, and that he received a call in December 2022 to inform him that “things were changing”.

“I didn’t decide to step away – I thought everything was going ahead!” Herbert told the Mirror.

“And then I got a call in December, I think it was, when I was told things were changing.

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“It wasn’t explained why or what was changing. There was a mention of social media stuff and that was about it, really. I don’t really know.

“I was always aware – at Sky they do these subscriber checks where you’re given points out of 10 – and I’ve always known I was always quite popular on that side. It’s a shame, but I’m over it. Moving on.”

Despite being dropped by Sky, Channel 4 seemingly have no intention on hiring Herbert for their highlights coverage.

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The Briton admits that there is “nothing planned” currently for him to feature on F1-based TV for the time being.

“That hasn’t come into play,” he said. “I did my 11 years at Sky and it was good. 

“Now there are other things I’m doing. Because it was in December it was all quite late in terms of sorting other things out. There are a lot of other opportunities but, in terms of seeing me on a TV screen, there’s probably nothing planned on that front.”