Jenson Button warns Mercedes have a trick up their sleeve

Alpine rounded off the car unveilings late this week with the reveal of the A523.

With every team now having released their car for 2023, the excitement is really starting to build ahead of the upcoming season.

The difference between some of the cars is still vast, despite teams now having had a year to figure out what works best in this new era of Formula 1.

Mercedes are continuing with the zero sidepod approach, with Red Bull stick with their defined sidepod design, proving that there is not necessarily a right or wrong answer under these regulations.

2009 F1 champion Jenson Button has been looking at all of the challengers for the upcoming season and once again expects Ferrari and Red Bull to be fighting at the front of the pack.

Jenson Button at 2021 Bahrain GP.v1

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“The Red Bull is the only one we haven’t seen realistically, it was obviously last year’s car, but Red Bull always come out with a good car. I think they’ll be competitive,” he told Sky Sports.

“The Ferrari looks nice. It looks like they’ve worked on areas where they were weak and they’ve taken some risks in other areas. The car looks good.”

Button also expects Mercedes to return to championship challenging ways in 2023, also claiming that the Silver Arrows boast the most beautiful car on the grid this season.

“It’s strange about Mercedes because the car, I would say it’s beautiful. It’s the most beautiful car, I would say the Mercedes,” he said.

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“They might possibly be changing the sidepods. Surprised they didn’t do that over the winter rather than into the season, but they obviously believe in the style they have for the first few races.

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“I look forward to that fight at the front, we all hope for that three manufacturers at the front fighting for the championship don’t we, three teams – and I think we will get that at some point this season.”

Fans have not been treated to a three-way title fight for well over a decade now, with Mercedes and Red Bull both experiencing spells of dominance in recent years, while Ferrari have somewhat struggled.

As well as an exciting title fight, the midfield are expected to step up this year, with many backing Alpine to become podium contenders, making the 2023 season potentially one of the most entertaining yet.