Jenson Button responds to Max Verstappen ‘boring’ allegation

Max Verstappen is the firm favourite to secure a fourth title in a row in 2024, as the season kicks off in Bahrain at the beginning of March.

Jenson Button has brushed aside the notion that Max Verstappen’s dominance of Formula 1 is rendering the sport “boring”.

The Red Bull ace has clinched three consecutive drivers’ championships, with his triumphs becoming increasingly commanding.

The Dutchman is the firm favourite to secure a fourth title in a row in 2024, as the season kicks off in Bahrain at the beginning of March.

There are concerns that Verstappen and Red Bull might only be challenged from their summit in 2026, with a significant overhaul of rules anticipated alongside the introduction of new engines.

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Nevertheless, speaking on the Fuelling Around podcast (as reported by the Mirror), Button maintained that the 2023 season was still captivating.

“We can label this as tedious because one individual is clinching all the races, [but] last year will be etched in history,” he remarked.

“I must admit, if you scrutinise the statistics and the outcomes, yes, it may not appear outstanding.

“However, we witnessed some thrilling races last year. Not every race, but we witnessed some truly thrilling battles up and down the grid. It wasn’t a cakewalk for Max either.

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I found the season enjoyable – sprint races notwithstanding, except for Brazil, which was spectacular. More races in Brazil, please!”

“The others will enhance their cars and narrow the gap,” he stated last year.

“I don’t believe achieving that win rate again is very realistic. But that’s acceptable.

To already have experienced a season like we did is remarkable.

The others aren’t fools. They’re all learning.

“Obviously, the longer you maintain the regulations unchanged, the narrower the gap will become, as people begin to comprehend the direction they need to pursue for development.

Fortunately, we adapted well to the regulations [in 2022], but I anticipate next year, without a doubt, everyone will make strides towards us.

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“I can’t pinpoint a specific team because, if you review the entire season, it’s been a bit inconsistent for everyone except us.

“So I’m not entirely sure in the off-season which team will make the biggest leap forward.

“Hopefully, of course, they’ll continue to trail behind, but we’ll see in Bahrain.”