Jenson Button makes 2023 prediction after Max Verstappen domination

Jenson Button has made a prediction for 2023, off the back of Max Verstappen winning the championship in the prior two seasons.

The new era of Formula 1 promises to be one of the most exciting and competitive yet, with multiple new regulations and initiatives being introduced by the FIA in an attempt the bring the field closer together.

The major regulation overhaul at the start of 2022 was designed to allow closer and more competitive racing, while the cost cap that was introduced a year prior prevents the likes of Red Bull and Mercedes from outspending the smaller teams and continuing their dominance in the sport.

It was still Red Bull, Ferrari and Mercedes that ran away from the rest of the pack in 2022, meaning that the cost cap had little impact last season, with Haas team principal Guenther Steiner claiming that his team was unable to reach the cap.

The Haas boss expects things to change in 2023 however, suggesting that every team should reach the cap next season, meaning the FIA’s latest initiative should produce more meaningful results.

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Former F1 champion Jenson Button has echoed Steiner’s thoughts, explaining that while he is excited for a more competitive future, he understands that it will take some time.

“It’s going to take a couple of years,” said the 2009 champion.

“Even with the cost cap, for the teams that are closer to the rear to really fight at the front, but it’s possible, definitely. There’s no reason why they can’t especially if they have the right personnel and the right driver lineup, Anything is possible.”

Button has suggested that with Red Bull hindered by their reduction in testing time for next season as a result of their breach of the 2021 cost cap, Ferrari and Mercedes’ plans to compete with the energy drink giants could be fast tracked to next season.

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While both teams struggled in 2022, they have expressed their confidence at overcoming their shortcomings next season and challenging for the title, a prospect which Button is excited about.

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“Three teams would be mega. We all love it when there are more teams involved,” he said.

“When it’s two drivers in the same team fighting for a championship, yeah, it’s fine if the racing is good. But we like other teams.

“Bring it on, I think we’ll have an epic season next year.”