‘It’s a shame’: Sergio Perez speaks out on Red Bull controversy

Sergio Perez has publicly questioned Red Bull following the 2023 Dutch GP, which Max Verstappen won.

Intrigue unfolded at the 2023 Dutch Grand Prix as Sergio Perez voiced uncertainty regarding Red Bull Racing’s tactical choices, leading to a shift in fortunes that saw Max Verstappen seize the lead, leaving Perez grappling with mixed emotions.

Amidst the drama of the latest Formula 1 showdown, Sergio Perez found himself in the spotlight due to Red Bull’s strategic manoeuvres. 

Taking the lead early on, Perez pitted at the close of the opening lap, coinciding with the onset of heavy rain. 

Despite building a substantial lead, the reigning champion, Max Verstappen, gradually bridged the gap, and both Red Bull drivers were eventually called into the pits in successive laps.

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The pivotal moment arrived when Verstappen was summoned first, utilising the pace of dry tires to undercut Perez and secure a noteworthy 3.5-second advantage at the forefront of the race. 

The move raised questions, prompting Perez to voice his thoughts over the team radio, “The team just has more information than we do,” he stated, sharing his perspective with the media. 

He further revealed, “We will review during the meeting and I’m sure that there is a reason behind it.”

Verstappen’s swift progress after the pit stop put Perez on the defensive. 

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Closing the gap by an impressive 13 seconds in a mere few laps, Verstappen’s presence loomed large in Perez’s rearview mirrors before both were directed to make their respective pit stops. 

Perez offered insights into the decision, stating, “We were expecting rain. 

“The team was telling me that there was more rain coming. 

“So, it was very important because the track was on the dry side. 

“If I were to push, I’d have just destroyed the inter.”

Perez’s initial gamble to pit during the rain was a strategic move, premised on the belief that if the rain was fleeting, he could avoid an extra pit stop compared to his rivals. 

However, the downpour proved to be relentless, highlighting the substantial advantage of the intermediate tires on the wet track. 

This became evident as Perez swiftly caught up with competitors on dry tires by the end of the third lap.

The disparity in tire performance was so significant that when Verstappen eventually entered the pits, he emerged behind his teammate, conceding both track position and over 13 seconds of lap time. 

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As the race reached its climax, a fresh spell of rain prompted Perez to attempt to replicate the earlier successful strategy that had propelled him into the lead. Regrettably, a misjudgment led to a speeding penalty during his pit stop.

The subsequent restart painted a challenging picture for Perez, as he grappled to overtake Fernando Alonso and ultimately finished behind Pierre Gasly, securing a fourth-place finish. 

Reflecting on the day’s events, Perez remarked, “It was a great call, but it turned out to be not so great in the end. It’s a shame that we ended up losing the podium.”