‘I’m being asked every day’: Lewis Hamilton reveals ongoing struggle

Lewis Hamilton has long been involved with the Black Lives Matter movement alongside a whole host of other organisations hoping to make a positive impact on the world.

The influence that Formula 1 drivers can have should not be underestimated, with millions of fans all around the world watching their every move on social media.

Lewis Hamilton’s 31 million Instagram followers are often subjected to a number of political campaigns that the seven-time world champion shares to his page in an attempt to spread awareness for various issues all around the globe.

The 37-year-old recently shared a post in support of the French national team players that were racially abused after missing penalties in the Qatar World Cup final against Argentina.

Hamilton has now suggested that he is struggling to make a difference on his own, claiming that he gets multiple organisations asking for his help on a daily basis.

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“I’m being asked every day, multiple times in the day, to be ambassadors for so many different organisations. There’s this clear cry for help. There are so many people trying to do big important things and impactful things,” said Hamilton, as quoted by GPFans.

“I’ve just got to remember there’s only so much of me, and so what I just try to do is praise them. Hopefully, that brings more eyes, and maybe me being there also helps bring eyes to what they’re doing.”

The seven-time world champion has admitted his sadness over the fact that he cannot single handedly help everyone, claiming that he is now having to pick and choose who he supports to better manage his output.

“Caring is a good thing, and it doesn’t matter what it is you’re caring about. I personally think you can care for as many things as you want,” he said.

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“But I’m definitely finding you can’t do everything and you’re only one person. I’ve definitely learned how to really narrow it down and put as much energy and focus into a particular area.”

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Hamilton has previously made major political statements at race weekends as well as on social media, wearing a t-shirt calling for the arrest of the police officers that killed Breonna Taylor during the Tuscan Grand Prix.

The Brit will see his ability to make such gestures restricted in 2023 as the FIA alter the regulations to ban drivers from making political statements during race weekends without first getting permission from the sport’s governing body.

Away from the racetrack however, F1 drivers continue to step up their efforts to make the world a better place, with Lando Norris, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel being at the forefront of change.