‘I’d seen this before’: Will Kimi Raikkonen’s son race in Formula 1?

2007 F1 World Champion Kimi Raikkonen retired from the sport at the end of 2021 following a 19-year career at the pinnacle of motorsport.

It’s becoming more and more common to see fathers and sons competing at the pinnacle of motorsport, with Mick Schumacher being the most recent to step in his father’s, Michael Schumacher’s, footsteps.

Another notable son to replicate their father by racing in Formula 1 is, of course, Max Verstappen, with his father, Jos Verstappen, having endured a somewhat unsuccessful career in the sport.

It appears another could be on the cards in the next ten years or so, with 2007 F1 World Champion Kimi Raikkonen having an eight-year-old son who is gaining quite the fanbase.

Despite being just eight years old, Robin Ace already boasts fan pages, who are busy tracking the young Finnish driver’s motorsport career.

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Raikkonen’s son is already winning karting races and getting as much time behind the wheel as possible, with the young driver’s godfather having hailed him as “magic”.

Interestingly, Robin Ace’s godfather is Ferrari employee Gino Rosato, who has a track-record of working with the very best drivers in the sport.

Rosato revealed that his godson’s style is very similar to his father’s, with him most notably “always looking a bit lost and disinterested!”.

“What a day with the Raikkonens,” he posted on Instagram.

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“I felt like I’d seen this before, very quiet, little interaction, always looking a bit lost and disinterested!

“But like his dad, ‘Leave me alone’, ‘Where’s the car?’ And [then] the magic comes to life, fast. Fast, natural talent, call it what you want!! @f1 here we go!”

Raikkonen wasn’t your normal F1 driver, with the Finn having often done things in his own unique way.

He became famous for his blunt and short answers to virtually any question, with him famously having missed Schumacher being given an award by legendary footballer Pele at the 2006 Brazilian Grand Prix, due to “taking a s***”.

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Being the person watching the racing is having an interesting effect on the Finn, who admits that having raced himself he sees “danger everywhere”.

“At least it’s not motocross, where you can do more damage,” Kimi told Spanish outlet Marca. “Sometimes it would definitely be better not to know as much as I do, because then I wouldn’t see danger everywhere.

“[He] drives more than I really expected. Sometimes it can be just two laps, and sometimes it might be 50, also. He really likes it. Sure, he wants to drive more often, but sometimes I don’t have time.”