‘I wish we could show the GPDA meetings to the outside’

Alex Wurz has been the chairman of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association since 2014.

While the Formula 1 drivers are fierce competitors on the track, they do often come together to discuss important issues as part of the Grand Prix Drivers’ Association.

The GPDA gives the drivers an opportunity to put their views across and discuss various issues together, before deciding what action should be taken moving forward.

This organisation proved important at last season’s Saudi Arabian Grand Prix, when nearly missile strikes put the entire race weekend into doubt.

Following an FP2 clouded by smoke from the strikes, the GPDA held a four hour meeting to discuss how they wanted to move forward, formulating a collective plan before speaking to the FIA and F1.

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Pierre Gasly admitted at the time that the meeting was helpful, with every driver being given the opportunity to put across their point of view before any action was decided.

While these meeting are very important and often include discussions about controversial issues, the current chairman Alex Wurz has revealed that these driver meetings can be magical, as the drivers sit around to talk and spend valuable time together.

“Sometimes I wish we could show the GPDA meetings to the outside,” he said in a recent interview.

“When those ultra-talented and fierce competitors sit only between themselves and chat and talk, listen to each other, at times make jokes and laugh together. Those are moments I cherish witnessing, back in the day when I was racing myself or now as chairman.

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“But we made an agreement between us, that we keep the meetings off the TV because we like to preserve the unique and great culture we have since many years now.”

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Many of the current drivers have admitted that they do not come together often enough, with last season’s dinner to celebrate the career of Sebastian Vettel being the first time that many of the grid had even spoken to each other.

Alex Albon and Lando Norris have been very supportive of these claims, suggesting that the chance to tell stories and talk away from the racetrack can be a very refreshing thing for the drivers.

With the relationship between the FIA and F1 currently tense, these meetings between the drivers could become much more important this season, should issues arise.