Honda Agrees To Let Red Bull Use Its Power Unit After 2021

Honda is set to withdraw from F1 at the end of 2021, and Red Bull appear to have reached a deal to continue to use its power unit for the following years.

Red Bull Honda F1 engine post-2021 -

Following Honda’s surprise decision to quit Formula One at the end of 2021, Red Bull and Scuderia AlphaTauri – the Japanese car-maker’s two customer teams – have been looking for a solution to ensure they continue to have a competitive power unit.

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Fairly soon after the announcement, it emerged that Red Bull was interested in taking over the intellectual property of Honda’s power unit and continuing to use it even after the 2021 season.

Honda previously said they were open to such an arrangement and were in negotiations with Red Bull to agree a deal.

And now, Dr ­Helmut Marko, a senior Red Bull advisor, has said that they have agreed a deal of this nature, but emphasised that it would only be viable if a freeze on engine development is agreed.

“Everything has been settled between us. The timing is there. Everyone is in the starting blocks,” Dr Marko told Auto Motor und Sport.

“But there is only an okay when we have written proof from the FIA ​​that the development stop on the engine side is coming,” he added.

Formula One’s three other engine manufacturers – Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault – previously suggested that they were open to the idea of a freeze on engine development, though Ferrari initially indicated it would oppose such a proposal.

Dr Marko noted that they are expecting to hear from the FIA next week:

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“We are waiting for the FIA’s decision. A corresponding clarification should be made next week.”

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