‘His Time Is Not Over Yet’: Schumacher Backs Vettel To Excel At Aston Martin

Ralf Schumacher believes the four-time F1 World Champion will be “back to his old self” next year.

Sebastian Vettel is currently enduring his worst season since joining Scuderia Ferrari in 2015, and he’s almost certainly looking forward to leaving the Maranello-based team for Aston Martin Racing at the end of 2020.

Ex-Formula One driver Ralf Schumacher has backed his fellow German to be “back to his old self” at Aston Martin, as he believes Vettel will benefit from the new environment and from having a car which is better suited to his driving style.

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“I am firmly convinced that we will see Sebastian at Racing Point back to his old self,” Schumacher wrote in his latest column.

“There are many reasons for this. The car suits him much better. In terms of performance, it is generally faster than the Ferrari and is also much easier to drive. In addition, the balance is much better for Sebastian,” he added.

Continuing, he noted that Racing Point, which will be rebranded Aston Martin Racing next year, has “invested a lot of money in him”, both directly and indirectly, by losing the sponsorship dollars that came with Sergio Perez, for example.

“It’s, of course, a good feeling to be wanted, especially given his current situation at Ferrari.

“A small, compact team with all the possibilities and with the support of Mercedes. This will be an atmosphere that he likes from the very beginning and comparable to Red Bull in the past.

“I’m sure his time is not over yet. He wants to [succeed] and will show everyone again,” Schumacher added.

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