Helmut Marko says he will rebuke Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen’s seventh victory in a row was overshadowed by a costly podium incident.

Red Bull driver Max Verstappen has received a rebuke from team advisor Helmut Marko following the Hungarian Grand Prix, where Verstappen secured his seventh consecutive victory and the team’s 12th in total, breaking McLaren’s 35-year record. 

However, Marko was displeased with Verstappen’s post-race behaviour when a valuable trophy was accidentally smashed during the podium celebrations in Budapest.

Sharing the podium with Lando Norris and Sergio Perez, who finished second and third respectively, Verstappen and the Red Bull team were understandably jubilant after their record-breaking achievements. 

Unfortunately, their moment of joy was marred when Norris accidentally shattered the unique porcelain trophy while attempting his customary routine of popping a champagne bottle.

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The one-of-a-kind porcelain trophy was estimated to be worth approximately £34,000 and took six months to craft, as it was handmade by the renowned Herend Porcelain Manufactory. 

Hungarian F1 journalist Sandor Meszaros highlighted the significance of these valuable trophies, showcasing the country’s love for fine porcelain.

Reacting to the incident, McLaren promptly issued an apology to Verstappen via social media for the unintended damage to the trophy. 

In response, Marko expressed his intention to sit down with Verstappen and emphasise the value of the trophy, particularly when it comes to Hungarian tradition and the importance of respecting F1’s historical significance.

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“The Hungarians are famous for their love for valuable porcelain. Even when we were there, there were beautiful bowls and vases,” Marko explained in an interview with Austrian publication OE24. 

“The copy of the trophy comes to us at the factory, and I’ll teach Max to appreciate the original that he’s getting replaced. 

“That’s Hungarian tradition, the young people have to understand that first.”

While Norris playfully exchanged jokes with Verstappen about the mishap, the McLaren driver later clarified that the incident was purely accidental. 

“It wasn’t on purpose. I was annoyed that I was P2,” Norris stated. 

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“That is my celebration to hit the bottle. Max put his trophy in the wrong place.”

Despite the incident during the post-race celebrations, Verstappen’s dominance remains clear, with seven consecutive victories highlighting his strength and skill behind the wheel. 

As a team, Red Bull’s performance has been unbreakable this season, as they continue to mark themselves as a dominant force in the sport.