Helmut Marko provides Red Bull retirement update

It has been reported that Christian Horner is trying to force Helmut Marko out of Red bull Racing.

Red Bull advisor Dr Helmut Marko has revealed that a “general discussion” will take place, to decide what he’ll do in 2024.

It was recently reported that team principal Christian Horner was trying to oust Marko, who’s been by his side since Red Bull entered Formula 1 back in 2005.

Marko sharply quashed these rumours and stressed that only he will decide when his time in the paddock is done, not Horner.

It’s believed that the 80-year-old does have a contract to remain in his role in 2024; however, it’s unknown whether he’ll attend all 24 races.

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One person very much in his corner is three-time World Champion Max Verstappen, who is very fond of the Austrian.

When the rumours circulated that Red Bull were trying to remove Marko, Verstappen defended him and stressed that he “will not let him fall”, with some even suggesting that the Dutchman would leave the team if they kicked Marko out.

“Red Bull should not want to continue without Helmut,” Verstappen recently stressed, as reported by GrandPrix.com.

“For me, that has to do with respect and loyalty. That’s number one for me. I will not let him fall.”

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Whilst Marko is set to enter 2024 with the Milton Keynes-based team, a talk will still take place as to discuss what he’ll do, something he’s insisted is “common”.

“After the season there will be a general discussion about what I do,” Marko told Osterreich newspaper.

“It’s common for people to discuss what’s going to happen in the future after a season. That’s how it’s always been.”

As mentioned, next season will feature a record-breaking 24 races, which could be a struggle for Marko given his age.

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He’s insisted this isn’t the case though, and that he has the “strength” to continue working in F1.

“I have the strength to do that,” Marko confirmed. “In Las Vegas, I was in surprisingly good shape and better than most.”

Just how much longer Marko will continue in his role is something only he will know, although George Russell has recently called for a ban to be put in place on how many races members of each team can attend, due to how demanding the travel is now.