Hamilton isn’t interested in ‘helping Russell’ as Wolff grows frustrated with his star driver

Sir Lewis Hamilton has struggled so far in 2022 as a result of Mercedes' ongoing porpoising troubles.

Sir Lewis Hamilton’s recent podium at the Canadian Grand Prix was by far his best performance of the season to date.

The seven-time World Champion has struggled to adjust to the new regulations, however, this hasn’t been helped by the “diva” that is the W13.

The British driver’s new team-mate, George Russell, has also been a reason as to why the 37-year-old’s season has appeared so bad.

Russell has outperformed Hamilton virtually the entire season, and is incredibly the only driver to have finished every race in the top five.

This has come as a surprise to former F1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone, who initially didn’t rate Russell as a strong driver.

Ecclestone discussed his opinion on both Russell and Hamilton to the DailyMail, with the 91-year-old also explaining how he thinks Hamilton might be getting under the Mercedes bosses feathers.

“I didn’t think [Russell] was that good but he has done an excellent job,” Ecclestone said.

“I’m surprised. Or is it a case of Lewis doing a bad job? A bit of both.

“Toto is getting a bit fed up with Lewis. I don’t think he’s trying, do you? Let’s put it another way, Lewis doesn’t seem bothered about losing.

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“It’s not like him. He has a competitive nature but he’s taking losing a bit easy for my liking.

“I don’t think he is actively helping George. I don’t think he’s doing anything. I don’t think he cares too much. He’s not prepared to put the effort into winning that he did.”

The ongoing porpoising dilemma has been a clear issue that has ridiculed Hamilton this season, with the Mercedes driver having complained about back pain on a number of occasions.

None more so than the recent Azerbaijan Grand Prix, where the Brit was seen unable to climb out of his car post-race.

Ecclestone, however, believes it’s all an act from the British driver.

“All b*******,” Ecclestone commented on Hamilton’s back pain.

“George is taller and if it was going to happen to anyone it would have happened to him.

“There was a bit of Nigel Mansell about it. At least with Nigel, he would get out of the car and rub his left leg as if he had broken it. Next moment, it would be his right leg.”

The former F1 chief wouldn’t be at all surprised if Hamilton decided to walk away from the sport at the end of the season, despite being contracted until the end of 2023.

Ecclestone wouldn’t put it past the 37-year-old to “sell his position” at the Silver Arrows, with the 91-year-old expecting that team principal Toto Wolff might have already thought about the option.

“Lewis might sell his position to Toto,” Ecclestone revealed.

‘”This is how much I am getting, I’ll step down and give me half of what I would get’. Toto can go and do one of his magic deals, offer someone less money and keep £20 million.

“Nobody needs to tell Toto this because he has already thought of it. Lewis would probably stop under those circumstances.

“I don’t know what he is doing dressing up in all those funny clothes. Has he a deal to it? Is it to get noticed? Maybe that’s it,” concluded the former F1 chief.