George Russell responds to fans over memes about him

The official Formula 1 opening sequence sparked a series of memes from fans amused by Mercedes driver George Russell’s unique pose.

George Russell has finally responded to fans, explaining the story behind his amusing pose in the official Formula 1 opening sequence.

The clip, played before every Formula 1 session, shows a series of clips of the different drivers from their respective teams.

However, for Russell, his moment gained a lot of attention on social media, as memes were sparked by his infamous ‘T’ pose.

Fans have been entertaining themselves over the past few weeks, photoshopping Russell, with his head down and arms outstretched, into a series of poses.

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Even the official Formula 1 and Mercedes social media channels got in on the action, sharing their own versions of the meme.

Russell has now responded to the memes on The Fast and The Curious podcast.

“Well, to give some context on these days, we would go to the studio doing all sorts of different poses. Look down, look up, cross your arms, hands on hips, look away from the camera then look into [the] camera,” Russell explained.

“You know, doing all sorts of things.

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“After doing a couple of my poses. You know, the standard stuff, arms crossed, hands on hips, the videographer needed 30 seconds to reset.

“I was pretty tired, so I actually just put my hands on either side of the LED boards to sort of rest and just chill out. Just hung my head down, cos I was a bit tired, [it had] been a long day.

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“And the guy was like ‘Yeah, I like that, do that again'”

With race week upon the drivers after an extended break, Russell will be looking ahead to the Azerbaijan Grand Prix this week, as he seeks to comeback from a DNF in Australia.

Russell had qualified in P2, close behind Max Verstappen but was forced to retire early due to engine issues.