George Russell mocks Lando Norris in lie detector test

George Russell has mocked McLaren racer and fellow Brit Lando Norris over his lack of success.

Formula One driver George Russell amused fans with a playful remark directed at his fellow driver and friend, Lando Norris, during a light-hearted lie detector test conducted by Sky Sports before the Canadian Grand Prix. 

The 25-year-old Mercedes driver shared a laugh and candidly admitted that it does annoy him that Norris has more Instagram followers than him. 

However, Russell swiftly retaliated by challenging Norris with a witty comment, asking if it bothers him that Russell has more race victories.

The interviewer chuckled at Russell’s cheeky response and jokingly stated that they would address that question when the time comes. 

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Twitter erupted with laughter and praise for Russell’s quick wit, with fans expressing their amusement at his banter with his McLaren rival.

Social media users couldn’t help but react to the playful exchange, with one user remarking, “He did Lando dirty,” while another commented, “He didn’t have to do Lando like this.” 

Russell’s remark was widely enjoyed, with fans labelling him as a savage and applauding his comeback. 

The friendly rivalry and banter between Russell and Norris have endeared them to fans, who appreciate the humorous camaraderie they share about their careers.

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Unfortunately, both drivers had a disappointing day at the Canadian Grand Prix, failing to secure points finishes. Russell was forced to retire from the race due to a persistent brake issue, while Norris finished in 13th place. 

Early in the race, Russell’s Silver Arrows car collided with a sausage kerb at turn nine, causing his rear end to hit the concrete wall and triggering a safety car period. 

Apologetic for his mistake, Russell expressed his regrets to his team, acknowledging the error that led to his retirement.