George Russell mocked for mentioning meme in philosophical answer

George Russell gave a very philosophical interview about his performance this season, but eagle-eyed fans spotted it was all a meme reference.

George Russell has had his critics this season, with the Mercedes driver finding himself involved in a fair share of incidents throughout the course of the season.

The Brit was asked for his thoughts on his performance this season, with Russell choosing to reference a thought provoking piece of artwork to explain his views.

“I saw this really nice artwork of two people sitting on a bus on an ocean drive,” he began to explain.

“One guy was looking out onto the sea, and the sun was shining, and he had a big smile on his face. And the other guy on the same bus, on the same journey, was looking the other way out onto a cliff wall, and he had no view and it was dark and shaded.

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“That really struck me and it’s so true, so many people can be on the same journey but you’ve got to take all of the positives from that journey and look at the sunshine rather than looking in the shade.”

Whilst this seems like a perfectly good ‘glass half full or half empty’ analogy for looking at things, with Russell deciding to have a positive outlook on his season rather than focusing on his mistakes, some eagle-eyed fans have found the origin of Russell’s quotes.

The image in question has become a popular meme format on social media, with both men on the bus choosing to look at different things, often used to portray the unfortunate events of some being ignored by others.

For example the format was used this weekend, with Russell being shown as the happy man, obliviously staring out at sea, whilst the man staring sadly at the cliff represents Carlos Sainz and the other drivers that Russell has forced to DNF from a race this season.

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The discovery on Twitter has seen Russell become the butt of the joke again, with some users bringing back the ‘George Russell, the type of guy too…’ format, mocking his ability to describe an internet meme as artwork.

The young Brit, who is in his first season at Mercedes following his move from Williams, has come under scrutiny in recent weeks, with incidents in Silverstone, Singapore and Austin giving the driver an unwanted reputation as someone who keeps ruining other driver’s races.

With three races left Russell is hunting his first win in Formula 1 and Mercedes will be encouraged by their improvement in recent weeks to think that the Brit’s maiden win might be a possibility.