George Russell makes claim about ‘good looking dude’ Lewis Hamilton

George Russell has expressed respect for Lewis Hamilton's achievements but believes he’s actually faster behind the wheel.

Mercedes driver George Russell has claimed that, while Lewis Hamilton is one of the greatest Formula 1 driver of all time, he believes that is currently the faster driver at the team. 

Russell has been with Mercedes for over a year after transitioning from Williams.

The anticipation surrounding Russell’s move to Mercedes was immense, given his exceptional potential showcased in a slower car at Williams.

Last year, he outperformed Hamilton, finishing 35 points ahead of the seven-time world champion. 

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Despite this, Russell holds Hamilton’s achievements in high regard and expressed his belief in Hamilton’s status as the best driver of all time during a lie detector test with Sky Sports F1.

The test results, verified by the computer connected to Russell, confirmed his belief in Hamilton’s greatness, prompting F1 host Simon Lazenby to remark: “That was a good one to pass.”

When asked if he believes he is faster than Hamilton, Russell confidently responded with a “Yes,” referring to the present moment, which was also corroborated by the computer. 

In a 15-minute YouTube video, Russell answered various questions, striving for honesty throughout.

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While showing respect for his Mercedes colleague, Russell admitted his belief that Hamilton possesses good fashion taste, despite some previous fashion choices that raised eyebrows. 

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The discussion also touched on Russell’s perception of his own looks, with the lie detector deeming his initial denial of being the best-looking driver in F1 as incorrect. 

Russell then suggested he would place within the top five and mentioned Hamilton as a “good looking dude,” alongside Ferrari drivers Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc.

Earlier this season, Hamilton himself underwent the lie detector test, expressing his confidence in winning an eighth world title, further demonstrating the determination and self-assuredness of the seven-time champion.