George Russell Confident He’ll Be At Williams Next Year

George Russell has emphasised that he has a contract with Williams Racing for the 2021 F1 season.

Earlier this week, a source told that George Russell will be replaced by Sergio Perez next year, as the team’s new owners want to have two pay drivers.

This came off the back of the Italian edition of reporting that there was a “real risk” of Russell losing his seat to Perez.

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However, ahead of this weekend’s Portuguese Grand Prix, George Russell has shrugged off these reports, insisting he will still be at Williams Racing next year.

“I have a contract for next year. With the new owners coming in nothing has changed whatsoever from a contractual perspective under the new ownership,” Russell told

“I’ve actually not spoken to the new owners about it because from my side there’s no concerns,” he added.

“There’ll all be here this weekend, I’m sure any air will be cleared but I’m not concerned and I’ll be on the grid next year with Williams.

Continuing, he said “there’s obviously always speculation” and suggested that the “media like to build a lot up.”

Russell has ties to the Mercedes F1 Team and team principal Toto Wolff recently said he and Esteban Ocon would be first in line to replace Lewis Hamilton or Valtteri Bottas once they leave the Silver Arrows.

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Russell on Thursday said he is in constant contact with Mercedes but he has no reason to be concerned about losing his seat at the end of the season.

“I’m in contact with the guys at Mercedes weekly, we’re always staying in touch. I feel in really privileged position to have their full support behind me and long-term I think I’m in a great position.

“If it really comes to that obviously I’ll be speaking to them but sitting here right now I have no reason to be concerned,” he added.

Meanwhile, team-mate Nicholas Latifi also said he is confident that he will still be with Williams Racing in 2021.

“Like George said, we have a contract and just because the team is under new ownership now doesn’t really change anything on that front so I’m not concerned at all.

“I have a contract with the team for next year and I’m confident I’m going to be on the grid next year.”

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