Jackie Stewart Would ‘Love’ To See Sebastian Vettel Retire

The three-time F1 World Champion believes Sebastian Vettel would make an excellent ambassador for the sport.

Sir Jackie Stewart has said he would “love” to see outgoing Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel retire from racing and instead continue to work in the sport in a different capacity.

Specifically, Stewart said he thinks Vettel would make a great ambassador for Formula One and should take on a role similar to his.

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“Sebastian Vettel is a really nice gentleman, he’s had a wonderful career, and I personally would love to see him retire and do what I do… Go to some of the best events, get involved with some of the best multi-national corporations,” Stewart said.

“He’d be a great ambassador for the sport apart from anything else.”

Having said that, Stewart said he understands the German’s decision to continue competing in Formula One.

“But if he wants to continue racing it will be because he loves the sport,” the three-time World Champion added.

Prior to the revised 2020 F1 season getting underway, Sebastian Vettel was informed by Ferrari that he would not be retained beyond this year.

He eventually signed a contract with Aston Martin Racing and will join the team at the end of the season, partnering Lance Stroll.

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