George Russell blasts Formula 3

Mercedes driver, George Russell, has criticised Formula 3 following the 2023 Belgian Grand Prix.

George Russell has blasted Formula 3 for its lax approach to the number of cars allowed on the track at one time.

Currently, the FIA lets F3 field 12 squads with three teams each.

This can cause issues such as traffic congestion during qualifiers – particularly at high-speed circuits such as the Monza or the Red Bull Ring.

Driver safety has been a prominent issue in racing recently, following the death of Dilano van’t Hoff at the Spa-Francorchamps in July.

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Many F1 drivers, including McLaren’s Oscar Piastri, criticised the design of the track – in particular the Eau Rouge corner.

Van’t Hoff’s car crashed along the Kemmel straight, with wet weather conditions and low visibility being partly blamed for the fatal incident.

Piastri asserted that the F1 Belgian GP should be cancelled if similar weather conditions occurred – although it went ahead, despite heavy rain.

The lack of visibility in wet conditions has been highlighted as a hazard by numerous drivers and Russell emphasised these concerns in recent remarks.

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The Mercedes driver believes the problem won’t be solved for years.

He said: “think the way the FIA goes about things now is better than it has been in the recent past.

“It all seems a bit more organised with Nikolas [Tombazis] at the helm there and Steve Nielsen has been a really great addition to the FIA.

“We all want decisions and answers, but the fact is we are probably not going to find the solution for better visibility for years to come. It’s challenging, it’s really not easy.”

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The British racer was keen to highlight the extra danger it posed for the junior categories, where more cars are allowed on the track during a race.

He remarked: “I fear a little bit for the junior categories now, I truly think F3 should not be allowed 30 cars on track at one time at any point, even in dry conditions.

“I think it’s a matter of time before we have a big accident there too.”