George Russell asks Fernando Alonso: Should we gang up on Max Verstappen?

George Russell and Fernando Alonso were asked an unusual question about Max Verstappen at the 2023 Hungarian GP.

During a special ‘Kids broadcast’ of Formula 1 from the Hungarian GP weekend in 2023, a young child at the FIA press moment posed a cheeky question to drivers George Russell and Fernando Alonso, asking if they were jealous of Max Verstappen’s car. 

The question was followed by curiosity about whether they had considered conspiring against him.

In response to the child’s playful query, Russell and Alonso shared a lighthearted moment, both admitting to feeling some envy. 

Russell jokingly suggested, “Should we gang up on him somehow?” to which Alonso interjected, “We are jealous.” The two drivers playfully repeated, “We are jealous.”

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George Russell, who had spent three challenging years at the back of the grid with Williams before joining the dominant Mercedes team in 2022, acknowledged the disparity in opportunities to stand on the podium. 

He recognised that Verstappen has had more opportunities than them but remained optimistic about his future chances.

“For sure we’re jealous, but we all get our opportunity to stand on that podium. 

“He’s given the opportunity a few more times than we are, but things have a way of working themselves out,” Russell said.

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Russell’s journey to Mercedes marked a significant shift in his F1 career, moving from a struggling team to one of the sport’s powerhouses. 

However, Mercedes has faced tough competition from Red Bull Racing since Verstappen’s impressive performances. 

Russell hinted at the patience required in his quest for success, expressing hope that the tides would turn in the near future.

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“So I’m sure, hopefully, the tables will turn in the near future,” the determined British driver added.

Fernando Alonso, the experienced Spanish driver, joined the conversation with a witty remark, choosing not to elaborate further on the topic, saying, “I don’t want to add anything.”

The playful exchange between the drivers provided a refreshing and candid moment in the press conference, showcasing their camaraderie and humour amidst the intense competition on the track.