Franz Tost reveals he will retire to go skiing

Dr Helmut Marko has stated that Red Bull is “not satisfied” with AlphaTauri’s performance, as rumours swirl over the team’s future.

67-year-old AlphaTauri team principal Franz Tost has announced that he will no longer be in his role with the team by the time he turns 70. 

One of the longest-serving Formula One team principals of all time, Tost has been with AlphaTauri since 2005, when the team was known as Scuderia Toro Rosso.

“I don’t have an end date,” Tost told Dutch outlet Formule 1.  

“But what is 100 percent certain is that at the age of 70, I will no longer be on the pitwall. I can already tell you that.

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“I will go back to Austria before I turn 70 and finally go skiing again. I haven’t skied for three years now because I don’t have the time,” he added.

“The best time for skiing is February, March, and I’m busy working.”

The comments from Tost come amid rumours that AlphaTauri could be sold or move to England. 

Dr Helmut Marko has been outspoken about Red Bull’s position on its junior team, criticising their disappointing performance in 2022 and poor start to the new season.

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“It’s no secret that we’re not satisfied after last season,” Marko told Sky Deutschland. “What we have seen so far from the aerodynamic side of AlphaTauri is not what we hoped for either.”

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Offering a potential solution to AlphaTauri’s woes, Marko urged the team to work closer with Red Bull on the design of its car, taking more parts from Red Bull.

“We have to look at what to change,” Marko said. “If we have the best car in the field, AlphaTauri has to use that as the benchmark. Because you are allowed to do a lot.”

“The whole rear end, suspension, gearbox. They should use as much as possible from Red Bull Racing,” he added.