Formula 1 breaks silence on London GP rumours

A street circuit in London has been heavily rumoured to join the F1 calendar for a number of years.

The British Grand Prix at Silverstone is one of the most iconic races in Formula 1, with the well-known circuit being still being a fan favourite in 2023.

With the USA set to host three F1 races this season and Italy to once again host two, some fans have begun to question why the UK cannot also host multiple races.

Rumours of a potential Grand Prix in London have re-emerged recently, with CEO of LDN Collective Max Farrell adding fuel to the fire recently.

“Once we have planning consent with a fair wind we can build this within 24 months,” he told The Times.

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“So really, I think there’s a best-case scenario of having a London GP here in August 2026. If everyone gets behind it, that would be feasible.”

It has been suggested that this race will be on the waterfront around the Royal Docks area, giving it similar scenery to the waterfront races in Monaco and Australia.

This circuit would be a street circuit and famous landmarks like the O2 Arena would be in view of the track, making it an extremely attractive race from a commercial standpoint.

Formula 1 have been quick to play down talks of a London Grand Prix, with a spokesperson telling Bild newspaper “there have been no discussions about it.”

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Having a race in London would certainly make sense, with one of the most famous cities in the world being the perfect place to host a race.

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Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has also shut down the rumours that a Grand Prix is in the works, insisting that there have been “no recent discussions” about the topic.

Currently, Formula 1 travels to Las Vegas, Miami, Melbourne and Monaco, meaning that a Grand Prix in London certainly would not seem out of place.

If the UK did want to host another Grand Prix, it would have to compete with a number of popular races that did not make the cut for 2023, with the races at Paul Ricard and Portimao being axed whilst the Chinese Grand Prix was cancelled.