Ford break silence on Red Bull speculation

Ford have not been seen in Formula 1 since their involvement with Jaguar in the mid 2000s.

Formula 1 is home to some of the biggest names in motorsport and car manufacturing history, with the likes of Ferrari, Honda and soon Audi all having major roles in the sport.

One name that has completely disappeared from F1 however is Ford, who played such a big part in previous generations of Formula 1 racing.

The car manufacturing giants were heavily involved in the Cosworth engines and were last seen working with Jaguar before the team was purchased by Red Bull.

With the major changes in engine regulations coming into play in 2026, it has been suggested that this could be the perfect opportunity for Ford to return to the sport.

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Red Bull will officially switch to being powered by Red Bull Powertrains when the regulations change, having relied on Honda in recent years.

The rumours are that Ford could collaborate with Red Bull Powertrains in 2026 to create the team’s new engine.

Ford’s global director of performance Mark Rushbrook has refused to comment on these rumours but has admitted that the growth of F1 makes a return very appealing.

“We do not comment on speculation,” he said via Cologne tabloid Express.

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“But that is the case with all series. It is our responsibility to study and understand them, and then decide whether it makes sense or not.

“Formula 1 is strong and growing, both in the United States and worldwide.

“They have great races, great competition and they’ve managed to reach new audiences with things like Drive to Survive.”

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The regulation changes in 2026 appear to provide the perfect opportunity to enter the sport, as this is the year that Audi will complete their takeover of Sauber and join the grid.

Should Ford join forces with Red Bull Powertrains, they will receive all the benefits of being a new engine provider, such as extra resources and testing time.

Although Red Bull are not new to the sport, Red Bull Powertrains technically are a new entrant, controversially entitling them to these bonuses.