FIA releases statement on 3 teams violating cost cap

Three teams are reported to have breached the 2022 cost cap and could face punishment later this month.

Ahead of this weekend’s Hungarian Grand Prix, the FIA have insisted that rumours over potential cost cap breaches are “unfounded”, as the release of last season’s financial reports edges ever closer.

It’s been suggested by Auto Motor und Sport and that the three teams have potentially breached the 2022 budget cap, a rumour the governing body have disregarded.

The FIA have informed that there is not set to be any delay to the release of last season’s financial reports, something which will be welcomed by the paddock.

The FIA’s auditing process is supposedly still ongoing, which is how the governing body know that the rumours over three possible breaches are “unfounded”.

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“The FIA are telling me that any suggestion of delay to the process because of more in-depth investigations this year, these reports carry stories of the FIA going in and investigating whether some of the teams are using other projects to mask development on an F1 car as well, the FIA are telling me there’s no delay because of that,” Sky Sports F1 reporter Craig Slater said.

“And also saying that talk of potential breaches at this stage are unfounded. So that’s the position of the governing body.”

Mercedes and Ferrari have both distanced themselves from the rumours, whilst Red Bull will be keen not to be dragged into budget cap conversations once again.

The Austrians infamously breached the 2021 cap by around £1.8 million, resulting in a $7 million fine and a 10% reduction in their permitted wind tunnel time for 12 months.

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Red Bull have almost served the entirety of their punishment, which will conclude towards the end of the year.

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How soon any breaches will be announced remains to be seen, although, the governing body will be keen to avoid a similar leak to last season.

The paddock was aware of Red Bull’s breach last season well before it was announced by the governing body, something which resulted in some ugly accusations.

Whether the same happens this season will likely depend on who the guilty teams are, if there are actually any at all.