FIA president reveals why he wants US and Chinese F1 teams

Andretti's proposed F1 entry is in partnership with General Motors' Cadillac division.

FIA president Mohammed Ben Sulayem has revealed that it’s his “dream” for Formula 1 to have a full works team from the United States and from China, with him recognising that both countries are a “big market” for the sport.

The governing body are soon going to announce which two prospective F1 teams have been granted permission to join the pinnacle of motorsport from 2025, with Andretti-Cadillac expected to be one of them.

This would see the side join Haas as an American F1 team; however, Ben Sulayem also wants to see an American manufacturer supply power units.

Should General Motors decide to do so through their Cadillac division, then half of Ben Sulayem’s dream will come true.

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The FIA president thinks the sport’s popularity would increase exponentially if a Chinese and American manufacturer join the sport, a goal he believes is “achievable”.

“My dream is a full United States of America team from an OEM and I would like to also see an OEM from China,” Ben Sulayem told

“Everybody is allowed to have a dream. But it is also achievable. You have 1.4 billion people in China, and over 50% of your vehicles on the road, electric vehicles, are Chinese. That’s facts. It is a big market.”

Ben Sulayem is confident that the new power unit regulations for 2026 are something which would potentially attract the type of manufacturers he wants in the sport, especially in China who he states as being “serious” in the change to hybrid vehicles.

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“The Chinese are serious when it comes to EV and hybrid,” he said. “And I tell you something: the PU last year was the right thing to do.

“If we didn’t do it, do you really think Audi would have come and joined? That happened only after the PU was approved and all the teams signed it.

“We did it for the good of the sport. And it opened the door. Honda came, Ford joined, Porsche are deciding. I would say it is still warm with Porsche and Formula 1. All that happened for a good reason.”