Fernando Alonso makes admission about tensions with Lance Stroll

Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll appear to be on a collision course, with tensions on the horizon.

Fernando Alonso has acknowledged that his rapport with Lance Stroll might wane if Aston Martin evolves into serious title contenders.

The double world champion has had a largely successful 2023, securing six podiums and currently holding third place in the championship, despite Aston Martin’s slump before F1’s summer break which started following the 2023 Belgian GP.

Throughout the season, Alonso has often played the role of mentor to Stroll, providing advice during races and even showing team loyalty by stating over the team radio at his home race in Spain that he would not overtake the Canadian.

With 21 years of racing under his belt, Alonso still pursues the apex, displaying an Alonso markedly different from the one remembered from his McLaren tenure.

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However, the Spaniard concedes that he might not remain the disciplined team player at Aston Martin if both drivers found themselves battling for the world championship.

This could be on the cards in the coming seasons, given the large-scale investment going into the team.

In an interview with the BBC’s Chequered Flag podcast, Alonso hinted at his understanding of the Silverstone-based team being a project in development, one he’s prepared to contribute to.

“There’s still room for growth in various areas, including development,” he said.

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We’ve got a new factory in Silverstone. While it’s fantastic, as a team and myself being the more seasoned driver at Aston Martin, we understand our roles.”

Throughout this season, Alonso has often shared insights to directly aid his teammate, Stroll, amusing spectators by seemingly observing the races in which he participates from the large screens scattered around the circuits.

“I’m glad to help, but I don’t think there’s much more to it,” he commented.

“We share a good relationship at present. If we were vying for the championship, perhaps there would be lesser communication or a tad more tension within the team or amongst us drivers.

“As it stands, we have clear goals and are working in unison to achieve them.”

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Alonso’s experience has taught him that effective teamwork and robust communication not only benefit him but also the team he drives for. Perhaps the two-time world champion is contemplating the legacy he intends to leave once he retires from the sport permanently.

He concluded, “I’m trying to assist the team’s growth in all areas, aiming to support Lance in any way I can, as we’ll be racing for a few more years, and he has many more years ahead.

“He’s the one to guide the team into the future.”