FIA president doubles down on his position as new F1 teams to be announced

The FIA is set to decide on allowing new F1 teams to enter the sport by September, with a number of candidates waiting in the wings.

The Formula One arena is buzzing with anticipation as the motorsport community awaits the impending decision from the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) concerning the potential inclusion of new teams into the prestigious racing series. 

Industry icon Mario Andretti has revealed that the FIA is projected to unveil its verdict on this matter early next month, setting the stage for potential newcomers to grace the F1 grid.

Amidst the fervour, Michael Andretti, son of the renowned 1978 F1 world champion, stands at the forefront of one of the most prominent bids among those aspiring to join the Formula 1 fray. 

A consortium of nearly six aspirants, including the Andretti Autosport endeavour, has submitted their applications through the FIA’s rigorous Expressions of Interest process, vying for the coveted opportunity to make their mark in the pinnacle of motorsport.

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Initially expected by the close of July, the eagerly anticipated decisions on these aspiring teams’ applications have yet to materialise. 

As the F1 community enjoys its August summer hiatus, applicants remain in a state of suspense, eagerly awaiting the FIA’s pronouncement on the validity of their bids.

However, the prolonged wait may soon come to an end. Mario Andretti, an esteemed figure in motorsport history, shared, disclosing that a resolution is anticipated in approximately a month’s time. 

He explained, “Our approach has been meticulous and thorough, ensuring all prerequisites are met. 

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“With the onus now on [the FIA and F1’s] review, we find ourselves in a period of anticipation. 

“While a specific timeline is yet to be set, we’ve been advised to anticipate a decision in early September.”

In a bid to underscore the significance of swift approval, the octogenarian emphasised that Andretti Autosport aspires to immerse itself in the competitive world of Formula 1 as early as 2025. 

This timeline, according to Andretti, not only holds advantages for the prospective entrants but also aligns cohesively with the series’ dynamics. 

He stated, “The immediacy of entry is not only advantageous but pivotal. 

“This stance has been presented emphatically, and it resonates with practicality.”

The momentum behind the Andretti bid has garnered attention, fortified by the partnership with General Motors and the illustrious Cadillac brand. 

Mohammed ben Sulayem, President of the FIA, hinted at the allure of such collaborations. 

He conveyed, “Our commitment rests in the promotion of motorsport and the equitable treatment of all stakeholders. 

“The robust Expressions of Interest process ensures compliance with entry criteria. 

“Yet, when entities like GM present themselves, the rationale is evident.”

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Sulayem further elucidated, “While our discretion remains intact, the prospect of denying a heavyweight like GM seems contrary to common sense. 

“We are positioned to accommodate up to 12 teams, provided the parameters are met. 

“The alliance with Andretti, enriched by GM’s presence, holds promise not only for them but for the motorsport community at large.”