Ferrari warned about ‘silly mistakes’ as Charles Leclerc mulls exit

Eddie Jordan has backed himself to be the man to help Ferrari return to a competitive position.

Irish businessman Eddie Jordan has pledged to help the long-suffering Scuderia by ‘fixing’ the team, which has seen a long trophy drought.

Ferrari hasn’t won a Drivers’ Title since 2007 and hasn’t received Constructors’ silverware since 2008.

Ferrari has a long and proud history in Formula One, but Kimi Räikkönen remains the last of their drivers to win a world championship.

Fred Vasseur is the latest Scuderia team principal to try and restore Ferrari to its former glory – however, this task seems like a tall order.

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Even the partisan Italian media has turned on the Prancing Horse team in recent times.

The Corriere della Sera newspaper gave Ferrari just 4 out of 10 stars for its showing at the Hungarian GP last month.

It said that: “The (Ferrari) red is no longer that of glorious victories, but of a shrimp in retreat.”

Eddie Jordan – also known as ‘Big-headed Eddie’ – has been a team principal for well over a decade now.

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He founded the Jordan Grand Prix in 1991.

The Irishman believes he is the right man to replenish the Ferrari F1 brand.

Speaking on the Formula for Success podcast, Jordan said he would use the ‘Michael Schumacher’ blueprint for winning.

Schumacher won five of his seven world titles with Ferrari – all of them on the bounce, from 2000 to 2004. 

Jordan remarked: “If I was the boss there, I would create, without doubt, something in the way that Michael [Schumacher] created.

“He brought in Rory Byrne, he brought in Pat Symonds and there was Jean Todt, and they were the nucleus.

“I’m saying to Ferrari, you have absolutely, in my opinion, have slightly got the pecking order wrong.

“You have brilliant guys on the perch, brilliant engineers who are able to design great engines, design great cars.

“But it’s the finer details to making that race car into a winning car. That’s the difference.

“They are making silly mistakes that are affecting the team.

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“I’d be really quite brutal if I was in Ferrari, but I big-headedly think that I would actually turn it around a bit.”

In terms of recruitment, Vasseur has drawn attention with his tactics recently.

Many see his upcoming hiring of Loic Serra as a long-term plan to poach Red Bull technical director, Pierre Wache.