Ferrari set to run yellow car and race suits at Monza

Ferrari are celebrating 75 years of grand prix racing this season.

Things will be turning a little bit yellow for Ferrari at this weekend’s Italian Grand Prix as they gear up for a special event.

This season, the Scuderia are celebrating 75 years of participation in Formula 1, which began three years before the start of the world championship era.

On 11 May 1947, Franco Cortese entered the Grand Prix of Piacenza in Italy in Ferrari’s first-ever race car – the 125 S –  but he failed to finish due to a fuel pump issue.

He was not the only entrant for the weekend; Giuseppe Farina also tried to take part, but a crash in practice put him out of contention to take the start.

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The Italian would go on to take victory at the first ever championship grand prix in Silverstone in 1950 with Alfa Romeo.

Since then, Ferrari have started over 1,000 races, the thousandth of which arrived at the 2020 Tuscan Grand Prix, which Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel finished eighth and 10th respectively.

The team’s founder, the late great Enzo Ferrari, was born and raised in Modena, and he started testing race cars shortly after the first world war.

In 1920, he was signed as a racing driver by Alfa Romeo, and by 1929, the ambitious Italian was the owner of his very own team – Scuderia Ferrari.

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The town of Modena has a blue and yellow flag, having previously consisted of a red and white horizontal flag, with a blue and white vertical flag in the middle, complete with a shield.

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In modern times, the yellow takes precedence, in the symbol, and the Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena is also a distinct yellow colour.

The influence of Modena on Ferrari is the reason their badge is also predominantly made up of the colour, and those who are into retro Formula 1 merchandise will love the old yellow gear the team used to wear in decades gone by.

In preparation for the Italian Grand Prix this weekend, the team have revealed special yellow shirts that Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc will be wearing, and there are also rumours that they will be donning yellow race suits too.

Their cars may also sport a yellow livery, it has been speculated.