Ferrari make FIA demand as Max Verstappen could be stripped of championship

Formula 1's first budget cap was introduced last year.

Ferrari race director, Laurent Mekies, wants the FIA to be diligent as they look to decipher whether Red Bull and Aston Martin have broken the financial rules.

Last year, a $145 million spending limit was brought in last season, and that had to be shared out between damage repairs, development, workers’ hours, energy used in the wind tunnel, and freight transportation.

The teams had to stay within the limit, and submit paperwork to the FIA, complete with a full list of their spending throughout the year.

Williams were fined for failing to submit their in time, but that procedural breach earned them one of the lighter punishments on the scale.

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There are reports circulating that Red Bull and Aston Martin may have overspent last year, although it has not been specified whether these breaches might be minor or material.

A material overspend could earn the guilty team an exclusion from the championship, but no evidence has been presented that any team has broken the laws.

Mercedes boss, Toto Wolff, said that Red Bull had long been under investigation for spending too much money last year, whereas Red Bull’s Christian Horner affirmed that he was “not aware” of any rule breaking from his team.

The Briton also labelled the allegations against the Milton Keynes-based side “unacceptable,” but Mekies is the latest to indicate that Red Bull have gone over.

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Should the governing body confirm an indiscretion, Mekies wants serious action to be taken.

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“It’s now no secret that two teams broke the 2021 budget cap regulations, one by a significant amount, the other less so,” he told Sky Italy.

“We regard this as something very serious and expect FIA to manage situation in exemplary fashion.”

Charles Leclerc will start Sunday’s Singapore Grand Prix on pole, with Max Verstappen down in eighth after suffering fuel complications.