Aston Martin admit FIA will ban their innovation

Ross Brawn and his technical team have been trying to plug loopholes in the new technical regulations since the start of the year.

The FIA have indicated that they plan on banning the innovative rear wing that Aston Martin brought to the Hungarian Grand Prix before the summer break.

The British side are ninth in the championship, and have been for much of the 2022 season, with Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll doing all they can to score points in an underperforming car.

In a bid to try and improve their performance, and capitalise on their strength in the corners, Aston Martin designed a new rear wing that looks similar to those of last year.

The alterations aided Vettel in his point-scoring finish in Budapest, and he and Stroll have finished in the top 10 once a piece since, in Belgium and Zandvoort respectively.

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Alpine sporting director, Alan Permane, predicted after Budapest that the design would be used at the Singapore Grand Prix this weekend by every other team on the grid.

The wing design is not strictly outside of the technical regulations introduced this season, but a raft of changes next year is already expected as the cars evolve.

Less flexible floors, raised wing edges and diffusers, as well as more stringent management of “porpoising” and bouncing are all expected – the FIA have already begun to implement some of those this year.

Now, it seems that the governing body is also planning to outlaw the rear wing introduced by Aston Martin.

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“The endplate design wasn’t one that was anticipated for the 2022 regulations and the FIA is currently discussing potential adjustments for 2023 with the teams,” they said in a statement to the Race.

The result of those discussions, in the eyes of chief technical officer, Andrew Green, will almost certainly be a prohibition of Aston Martin’s idea.

“We completely expect it to be banned for next year because it’s not a route the FIA want to take, and they’ve told us that,” he revealed when asked by the Race.

“We’ve had discussions in the technical advisory committee and everyone’s agreed that we will change the regulations slightly to not allow this design in the future.

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“So, the last you will see of it will be this year.”

Vettel will not be there to see the changes in 2023, as he is retiring from Formula 1 at the end of this year.

The German will be replaced by Alpine’s Fernando Alonso.