Ferrari boss uses Max Verstappen to explain why F1 shouldn’t let Andretti join the grid

Andretti-Cadillac are pushing to join the Formula 1 grid as soon as 2025, before the new engine regulations are introduced.

Ferrari team principal Frederic Vasseur is still not 100% open to Andretti-Cadillac joining the Formula 1 grid in 2025, something the Americans are targeting.

Andretti-Cadillac are one of five teams to have filed one of the FIA’s ‘Expression of Interest’ documents, to potentially join the grid as early as 2025.

Based on the size of their project and the work which has already been done, Andretti-Cadillac are one of the favourites to be offered two grid slots on the grid.

The majority of the paddock though isn’t overly pleased at new teams joining the grid, with Vasseur in particular not understanding what the American team will bring to the pinnacle of motorsport.

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Ferrari’s boss doesn’t think Andretti-Cadillac being an all-American team is a good enough reason to join the sport, given that Haas are based in North Carolina.

A big concern amongst the grid is that a new team joining the paddock will result in the prize fund being divided further, something Vasseur isn’t pleased about.

The Frenchman believes the likes of Andretti need “mega good reasons” to join the grid, with growing the sport in the United States not being an acceptable one.

“My position is that the 10 teams that made huge efforts even when it was tough to be on the grid, and to survive for some of them, now that if we have to welcome another team, it has to be for mega good reasons,” Vasseur said.

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“The fact that you have an American team is not a good reason. Because for me, first, we have an American team, thanks to Haas. And the second one is that if you want to be at the top in the country, it’s a matter of drivers.

“Have a look at what’s happened in the Netherlands. It’s the biggest success of the world today, and they don’t have a team, they have Max.

“I think first, we have a good success in the US. If you want to increase the success in the US, it’s more a matter for me to have an American driver. It’s not about the team.”

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Vasseur believes a new team must “benefit” the entire paddock, meaning they bring something new to the sport.

“If someone wants to join now, it has to be also to the benefit of everybody in the paddock,” Vasseur added.

“It means that they have to bring something to F1. I don’t think that the nationality of the team is an asset.”