Fernando Alonso urges Lawrence Stroll to avoid ‘football mindset’

Aston Martin driver Fernando Alonso has enjoyed an excellent start to the 2023 Formula 1 season.

Fernando Alonso believes that Aston Martin should adopt a Formula 1 mindset rather than a football mentality to capitalize on their strong start to the season. 

Despite not reaching the podium in Austria, Alonso’s fifth-place finish, following late penalties, showcased the competitiveness of his performance and that of his team.

Alonso, who has achieved six top-three finishes in 2023, emphasised the importance of not overreacting when their car’s performance doesn’t align with certain circuit characteristics. 

He urged Aston Martin to understand the technical intricacies of Formula 1 and avoid getting caught up in the emotional rollercoaster experienced in football matches.

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Expressing his perspective, Alonso stated, “The problem is that we are going to live the whole championship with unbridled passion like football. 

“Every Sunday there are huge highs and huge disappointments, and that can’t be. This is a Formula 1 world championship, the cars behave differently in different temperatures, circuits, fast and slow corners… this is much more technical than the thrill of winning a match 3-0 or losing it.”

Alonso reminds everyone that the Formula 1 championship is a long-term endeavour with 22 races, where different circuits pose varying challenges. 

He acknowledged the fluctuations fans may experience throughout the season but remains focused on the bigger picture. 

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He looks forward to evaluating Aston Martin’s performance at the upcoming Silverstone Grand Prix to gauge their progress.

Reflecting on the previous year’s results, Alonso highlights the pattern observed at certain circuits, where certain cars perform better or worse. 

He emphasized the need to analyse why Aston Martin struggled in Austria and Barcelona to avoid repeating similar setbacks in the future. 

Understanding the circuit-specific factors will contribute to their overall development.

Alonso also encourages fans to follow the drivers’ world championship, emphasising the significance of each team’s points. 

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He draws a parallel with football, stating, “We’ve drawn, if you go back to football, and whoever is behind us has lost.” This highlights the importance of consistency and capitalising on opportunities.

Regarding Aston Martin’s performance last year, Alonso acknowledges that it was average, but he remains optimistic about their prospects for this season. 

With improvements planned for the upcoming races, particularly in Hungary and Belgium, he expresses hope for positive outcomes and progress for the team.