Fernando Alonso spotted picking up hilarious Lewis Hamilton gift

Sir Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso are friends again after their coming together in Spa.

Fernando Alonso was seen collecting the signed cap Sir Lewis Hamilton prepared for him after their incident at the Belgian Grand Prix.

Alonso started the race third ahead of Hamilton in Spa, but the seven-time champion got his nose ahead at the end of the Kemmel Straight.

As the seven-time champion turned into the apex though, he found that Alonso’s car was already there, so the pair collided.

Hamilton was sent up into the air, but what goes up must come down, and the 37-year-old’s Mercedes made hard contact with the ground in the run-off area, damaging the underside and rear of the car.

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In the end, the damage was too extensive for him to continue, so the Briton was forced to pull over at Blanchimont and come to a stop.

Alonso, meanwhile, picked up minor damage to his front wing, but he was able to continue, and the double world champion went on to take fifth place ahead of Charles Leclerc.

The Spaniard was not pleased with his former team-mate though, and he took to the radio to exclaim that Hamilton was an “idiot” and that he only knows how to “drive and start in first.”

The Alpine driver then wagged his finger at Hamilton while he was stood by his stricken W13, but he had calmed down by the end of the race.

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Hamilton took responsibility for the incident, although no action was taken by the stewards, which Alonso was fine with, as he understands that “these things happen” on the opening lap.

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By way of apology, Hamilton signed a Mercedes cap and placed a plaque on it with the words: “To Fernando.”

The 41-year-old apologised to Hamilton in Zandvoort, and would then go and collect his hat from the Mercedes motorhome.

Hamilton finished fourth in Zandvoort, ahead of sixth-placed Alonso.